Best Products for Cleaning Pekingese Paws

Pekingese dogs have hairy feet which tend to attract loads of dirt. I have tried everything to keep our Peke’s feet clean, from washing them with a washcloth after each walk, to using special doggy paw wipes. But having to run to the sink and prepare a washcloth each time I took her out was inconvenient and unrealistic and the wipes specifically made for dog paws are crazy expensive. Some packs were as much as $12.00!!!

So I had a look at the ingredients and I realized that they were basically the same thing as a baby wipe (if you can wipe a newborns poopy bottom with these things I am SURE it is “safe” for a dogs paws!!) only that a pack of baby wipes costs around $2.00 a pack OR LESS.

In addition, I find that the baby wipes are moister and thicker and, therefore, clean much better. Peke’s have fluffy feet and so a thick moist wipe is a must or else you are going to need to use like 10 of them to remove all of the dirt.

If you are concerned with scents, they sell wipes for sensitive skin which are unscented and contain aloe.