Exercising your Pekingese

Pekingese dogs, both young and old tend to be quite active and energetic. However, they do not require a ton of exercise and can be just as happy lounging around the house all day. They make great pets for those living in apartments or with small yards, as they can often wear themselves out playing “fetch” with their favorite toy in the living room.

In regards to toys, the best toys tend to be soft ones which they can easily bite into. Remember, these little guys have flat noses and cannot easily grasp on to hard round toys, such as balls. The Pekingese will tend to pick a favorite and stick to it!

Another great place to take your Pekingese on occasion is the dog park. Not only will she learn socialization skills but she will wear herself out chasing the “big” dogs – the Pekingese thinks of herself as one of them and will run with the best of them, although not quite as fast! Make sure she has access to plenty of water.

As far as the basic amount of exercise needed daily, two walks of about 3-4 blocks a day should be enough. He is not built for long walks, however, if you do take your Peke for a stroll longer than a few blocks, be sure to bring along some water and give her little breaks every so often. Pekingese dogs tend to have joint issues, arthritis is quite common. Overly-exercising him can aggravate these conditions and cause severe fatigue.

Make walks fun, allow her to stop, sniff and explore… and don’t push her too hard.

These dogs can be stubborn so training them on a leash is important to do early on!