Pekingese Back Problems

Pekingese Back and Joint Problems

Because Pekingese dogs have long bodies and quite short legs, they are more susceptible to suffering from slipped discs and arthritis. Due to breeding, the dogs have gotten larger and their bodies have gotten longer which puts more strain on the back. The best way to avoid this type of injury is to prevent, and discourage, your Peke from from jumping up and down off of couches, beds, and going up/down flights of stairs which may not necessarily be the cause of injury, but can certainly make any situation worse.

Slipped Discs

Spinal disc problems are the most severe forms of back problem your Pekingese dog can experience. They are considered degenerative and frequently occur without injury. In some severe cases disc problems can even lead to paralysis. If you suspect that your dog may have injured her back, observer her for symptoms such as:

– unwillingness to play, or move out of a certain position
– unusual quietness
– crying out in pain when picked up
– stiffness, rigidness when being picked up

Oftentimes, Peke owners mistake these symptoms for an upset stomach, however, a Pekingese displaying this sort of behavior should be seen by a vet as soon as possible.

Arthritis can occur, and sadly does occur to some degree in most Pekes. Initially your Peke may show no signs of arthritis and may go undiagnosed for many years. Arthritis is a condition that does not go away but only gets worse as the dog gets older. It can cause your Peke severe pain and your older dog may begin to limp and will require quite a bit of medical attention and medication.

As with slipped discs, allowing your dog to jump up and down from high places can make an arthritis, or even a pre-arthritic condition, worse. Pekingese dogs as young as three years of age have shown signs of arthritis via examination so getting your dog trained not to jump up, or down, from high places early on will benefit the dog later on. If you want to cuddle with your dog on the couch, make sure to pick her up (under the chest and mid stomach) and put her back down. A little prevention goes a long way!

Offering your Pekingese a soft place to rest and take the pressure off her joints is a great idea. Pekingese dogs do not have great control of their body temperature so if you live in a warmer climate a “cooling” bed is ideal for relieving aches and pains, while keeping him cool.

In addition, supplementing with a Glucosomine supplement has been proven to help with arthritis and painful joints.