Pekingese Quick Facts

The Pekingese is strong willed, courageous and full of life, although, at times he/she can be downright stubborn! The Pekingese is known for being a bit rebellious if she wants to prove her authority and independence, so don’t be alarmed if your seemingly happy Peke flat out refuses to eat one day.

When it comes to home-life, the Pekingese makes a great family pet and does well around children. In fact, the Pekingese will assume the role of “guardian” when it comes to family. Exercising your Pekingese is very important and not hard to do if you train them on a leash and socialize them early on. However, while the Pekingese does enjoy a good romp in the park, her favorite past time is sleeping (she is also a very vivid dreamer!!) and she most certainly does not like to be bothered.

The Pekingese makes a great “apartment” dog, meaning she doesn’t need a huge yard, as long as she is exercised daily and she should never be kept as an “out door” dog.

As far as mealtime is concerned, the Pekingese is a greedy eater with an insatiable appetite. They are very protective of their food and even the most well-mannered Peke has been known to snip or bark at another dog who comes near the sacred food bowl.

Country of Origin: China/Great Britain

Utilization: Companion Dog

AKC (American Kennel Club) Classification: Toy Group


Personality: Sensitive, alert and expressive. Completely loyal to it’s master. The Pekingese is a proud, fearless, self-confident dog. Can be difficult to housebreak because of their stubborn nature.

Height/Weight: 6-9 inches at shoulders, 8-10 pounds. A Peke under 6 pounds is considered a Sleeve Pekingese. A Peke between 6-8 pounds is called a mini-Peke.

Colors: All colors and markings are permissible and of equal merit, except albino or liver. Parti-colors evenly broken.

Other Names: Peke, Lion Dog, Sleeve Dog, Peking Dog

Average Litter Size: 3

Life Span: 10-15 years

Grooming: Pekes require daily brushing to avoid mats and facial creases, and eyes, must be cleaned regularly.

Shedding: Moderate to heavy depending on the time of year.

Social skills: If socialized early on, the Pekingese will do well around other dogs. However, they can be suspicious and insecure around other dogs.

Living Conditions: Pekingese do well in apartments. They do not need yard as long as they are walked. They should never be kept as an outdoor pet.

Suitability for Children: The Pekingese does well with children as long as he is has been properly trained and socialized.

Exercise Needs: Pekingese dogs need about 20-30 minutes of exercise a day.

Train Ability: They can be stubborn, not the easiest dog to train. Owner needs to be patient, persistent and consistent.