Pekingese Skin Problems

Pekingese Skin Problems


Pekingese dogs tend to have very sensitive skin. If you observe your Peke having a skin allergy, you must treat it quickly in order to prevent further discomfort and to save the dogs coat. Once a Peke gets an itch, they tend to bite and gnaw away until the hair falls out and they wind up with bald patches and painful hot spots.

The most common cause of skin allergy among Pekingese dogs is fleas. Both the dog and the dogs bedding need to be treated in order to get rid of the problem. The best way to do this is with a monthly treatment that is applied to your dogs neck and works for 30 days. You may have to try out a few different brands to find one that works best for your dog. Often, rotating through a few works well.

Another, newer, alternative is to give your dog a monthly treatment by mouth ( Trifexis). We have been using this treatment since we had a baby (don’t want her touching the poison on the dogs fur!) and it’s been great, however, it does not protect against ticks so if your dog likes to run in grassy areas you may want to either use a collar or a topical, in addition.

Even if you treat your dog regularly, you may want to limit her exposure to other animals (cats, dogs) that may carry fleas and even dog parks.

Depending on the severity of your dogs allergy to fleas, your vet may prescribe a topical spray to sooth the itching and speed healing, and in the most extreme cases a steroid, taken by mouth, may be prescribed as well.

Naturally, if you have other pets in the house, they should all be routinely treated for fleas as well.

Food Allergy/Sensitivity

If an itch is accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea, most likely it was something that your dog ate which he is allergic too. If this is the case, provide your dog with plenty of water and limit his food intake. Also, take a look around the floor in places where food scraps may have fallen and clean up anything laying around.

Check out this article on Pekingese Food Allergies for more information.

29 thoughts on “Pekingese Skin Problems”

  1. My dog is only about 8 months old. and she has 2 little red, dry, bald scabby patches on her i cant figure out what it is. If you have any idea plz let me know.

  2. It could be many different things from an allergic reaction to a flea bite or a food allergy. I’d take her to the vet if she seems unhappy. They can rx a spray that will sooth the hot spot and/or recommend a flea treatment if that is the problem. Good luck!

  3. My 4 year old Pekingese is dreadfully allergic to flees. Recently, I had a friend take care of him, she also has a dog. What I didn’t know when I left my dog, is that her dog was infested with fleas. I think my dog brought everyone of them home. When I pick him up he was peppered with fleas. I took him to be flea dipped immidiately. However, he is still itching ALLOT! I cannot find one flea, however he has terriable scabs all over, hot spots, and will NOT STOP ITCHING! I am currently on an an EXTREAM budget and cannot afford the vet for some time. Can you reccomend ANY home remedies that I can use? I have rubbed Aloe on the scabs, olive oil, and AVON Skin So Soft. The vets office even suggested giving him .25 cc’s of childrens Benedril. NOTHING is working. I am at a loss and it is just heart breaking to seem our sweet dog so misserable. Can you suggest anything else aside from what I’ve already tried to help?

  4. I was in the same boat with my pekenese.what cured it was alittle bit of organic coconut oil & water mix with hydrogen peroxide,50/50.1st dab the peroxide on bad spots with some cotton balls,this will kill the bacteria,then next day rub bad areas with the coconut oil.I’ve been doing this for yrs now and he is back to normal with a healthy coat,good luck

  5. I have a 1 year old male pekingnese. I noticed him iching him self on the left side of his body aroun his leg and his ear so I took him to the vet and the checked him and he also got a haircut I thought he might have fli but the doctor said he’s ok but he still is doing it and now he is even licking his balls what’s the problem? Please help

  6. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s
    the blog. Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I am not sure, it is loading for me. Anyway, our poor Pekingese was diagnosed with low thyroid two weeks ago. She was having MAJOR hair loss , like huge patches and itching. Apparently, the low thyroid lowered her immune system and yeast has taken over causing the itchy skin and hair loss… they ran some tests at the vet. If your peke is is losing hair, in large amounts and itching, have them run a thyroid test!!! She as been on meds for two and a half weeks now and we are sloooowly starting to see an improvement. Poor thing lost her entire undercoat. :( I will write a post about it later, explaining her symptoms and with pics.

  8. My pekingese was lumps all over his body. Last year I had them removed only for them to appear again. He is well cared far and attend the vet regular. Just would like to know if anyone else has this problem. My dog is about 10 years old.

  9. My previous Peke had skin trouble , small lumps would appear then a black head would come on the spot , you could then squeeze them and puss came out .It got worse as time went on ,she is dead now but my young peke, who is not related to the last one ,is starting to have the same trouble
    What is the cause ?

  10. I was told from my vet that this type of dog is prone to back problems and skin problems like the lumps. My dog had gotten them as well …went away …and gets them periodically now. Do not squeeze them. Let them burst on their own but I was told to put a warm towel in a water and epson salt solution and just lay it on the lumps to ease them and possibly let them get smaller and not ooze.

  11. So our Pekingese is around 5 Years old. We took him to the groomers as we were busy and weren’t able to bathe him at home. This was not normal as we usually groom him our selfs. Soon after his hair started to fall out in little patches at first. My wife took him to the vet and they did all the routine screening and blood test and could not find anything wrong. We were baffled because we take really good care of home and feed him well. We were assuming maybe the groomers were too rough with him and pulled out his hair. So this went on for about a year or so and he had lost large patches of his hair all over. He looked terrible. Like a homeless dog with mange. Poor little thing ! My wife was convinced that he had som kind of skin fungus or something like that and had taken him too the vet numerous times and even demanded that they keep testing his skin and sending it to the lab. We’ll one of the vets said maybe we should try giving him melatonin once a day and said sometimes dogs hair will grow back. We started giving him a pill once a day it was a real low dose. After doing this for a few months we noticed a change and his hair was getting thicker and starting to grow back so,we kept up the regiment. After about a year his hair has fully returned and looks just as good as prior to this condition. We have tried to stop giving him the pills a few time but his hairs started falling out again. Not sure if this was just due to a stressful puppy or not but it has worked. Just wanted to let everyone know our story if you are having the same problem.

  12. My peke rubs her face against anything she can. Between her nose and in the middle of her eyes, like are her wrinkles itchy or something?

    Please help

  13. we have just got a 2year old male pek and he will not stop itching the people we bought him from made a point of saying he does not have fleas but to be on the safe side we flea treated him still doing a lot of itching but what the lady told me that she bathed him once a week, would that dry out the oils from is body and make is skin dry

  14. my pekengese krap hom op sy maag bors gedeelte tot dit bloedrooi is en dat sy hare op sy bene uitvat. Ek het hom nou al gebad het gedink dit is flooiel. Hy krap hom letterlik stukkend. Wat kan ek doen?

  15. My peke sophie is going to be 10 in november and she has skin problems before but i noticed her skin is turning loke black pigmentation spots. Her vet stated this was normal due to her alergies she prescribed medicated shampoo but the older she gets the pigmentation color gets worse.

  16. I have a Pekingese age 14. problems with his skin grows greater. He gets pimple like balls all over his body and scratches them until they let out puss. Then they cause scabs which makes him more itchy. He is always attended by his vet but I’m tired of giving him depo shots knowing it can only cause more problems for him. If anyone knows a cure for this allergy please write. I’ve already went though food alternatives bathing is only hypoallergenic shampoo. Doctor said its staph do to allergies

  17. My peke has major itching problems. I knew it wasn’t fleas. I started giving him chewable omega3 supplements and the itching stopped! I tried to take him off of them and the itching came back. Something about the omega3 keeps his skin less dry. $16 for a 60 day supply for my big boy (20 pounds) but the smaller Pekes can take half making it a 120 day supply. You can get them online, no prescription needed.

  18. My Piki absolutely stinks and keeps scratching his flanks on sides…Been to vet and he gets Parlour groomed monthly.
    What is the smell about?
    Is it cos of itching?
    Please advise cos You know where he is cos the smell.
    Is it Psycological?
    Not happy…

  19. Hi. I have a serious problem concerning my Pekingese. Its been 3 years now, taking her to the vet, grooming her, doggy parlours, again to the vet, over and over, even different Vets, but no success. Mika, thats our Pekingese doggy, 5 years old, had had this smelly, itchy, hairloss irritation skin problem now for at least 3 years and honestly just cant afford to take her to the vet anymore. The smell is disgusting and the scratching breaks our hearts. She scratches until she bleeds and makes the scariest sounds! We tried Atterax finally, and it worked, but only for the night but the next dayh, all over again, it started from scratch. Now we cant give her Atterax every day of our lives and cant imagine that it is good for her. To be clear, we have spent thousands of rands on her to get her back to normal and there is just no way that anyone, or anything helped! The Vet said she could be allergic to grass, so we kept her in the house foe a month. No bettership at all. Its getting worse and thing of putting her down but we cant get it over our hearts to do so! Its terrifying just thinking of it but to put her to rest will save her suffering? We cant breathe arround her anymore, because of the smell and its just getting worse day by day. We also do not have the finances anymore to continue with medication for her at all, and dont know what to do about this problem! We have 6 dogs and they are all fine and healthy, but this little one is getting worse by the day. Please advise urgently what you suggest, putting her down, where, and possibly for free? We cant stand this anymore, and want only the best for her, believe me. We are from Polokwane South Africa.

  20. I will say I feel all of your pains to each and every one of you. Although, mine is a bit harder. I have had my Bitty Boo since she was born in my lap. Well taken care of and loved. She has skin issues and now dying of heart failure. She is on several medications now just to give her better life quality. She takes feurosimide, pimobednen, enalapril, and rimadyl daily. Are these medications making her skin issues worse?

  21. Hi! 3year old Pekingese and tried everything then apoquel was prescribed and no mor itchy dog💜😊

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  23. Hi all,

    I have a 12 year old Pekingese “Taun Taun.” He is prone to hot spots, hair loss on paws due to constant licking. What I found to be most beneficisl is Pierce’s Nu Stock, it dries out the skin issues and speeds up hair growth. I highly recommend it for all Pekingese skin issues whether due to allergies, folliculitis, mange, etc. it’s available at Wilco, or Orchard Supply, but much more cost effectivr to buy from Amazon ($11.99). It’s stinky (contains sulfur), but its safe, and it works!!

    “(Nu Stock)has been tested and used for over forty-five years. Provides effective relief of red mange on dogs, screwworm, and ringworm. Eliminates certain types of growths on animals. Miraculous results on most skin disorders on animals.”

  24. Finally took our Peke to a dermatologist for animals. The big difference is cultures to determine some problems. One big problem was chronic yeast infections. Now, she is on allergy drops given daily. Yeast infections are gone along with coughing. She has other skin issues but proper shampoo and rinse have reduced these and manageable. There are solutions to constant itching – Hydroxyzine tablets and there is monthly shot IL31to get it under control.

  25. My four year old peke scratches 24/7 and I mean he NEVER stops. I tried all sorts of shampoo, spray and ointment but no luck. I checked but there are no fleas. I think this is due to a shortage of some vitamins, what can I add to his diet?

  26. I have a 15 year old Pekingese his name is jazz he has lost over the years 85% of his hair he has only hair on his head ears legs and feet and tail most of his hair is gone I tried everything I don’t know what is coming from but I would like to get someone’s opinion I have had him since he was a little boy and it will break my heart if anything else besides skin irritation is wrong with him please help

  27. I have had Peke’s for a long time. Over the years have had Peke’s with several problems. Several with allergies. Dye & certain ingredients in dog food can cause severe allergic reactions. Such as constant scratching. Allergies to plastic can cause scratching (I recommend glass or stainless steel bowls). Certain dog shampoos can cause dogs to scratch due to certain ingredients. I use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo with conditioner.

    Some of you have posted about bumps on your Peke. I have also had a couple of Peke’s with bumps that have grown. Some bigger than other. DO NOT by any means attempt to mag these bumps. That can cause more damage than you would like. Some of these bumps are non cancerous cysts. Or they are simply age bumps, just like some people get moles with age. If you choose to have these removed there is always the chance of them coming back. Although there is nothing wrong with having A couple biopsied.

    As for a Peke’s face that stinks, they sweat. Sweat can make you smell. Get in the habit of cleaning your Peke’s face daily. Try using A warm wash cloth. Or if you can afford Non hypoallergenic sensitive skin dye free fragrance free baby wipes. Be careful using these around there eyes.

    A sweating Peke can also be the cause of a smelly Peke. I give my Peke’s a bath once every 3 weeks. Giving any dog a bath to often will dry out their skin of natural oils and vitamins. I use non hypoallergenic for sensitive skin fragrance free oatmeal waterless shampoo once a week in between baths. I wouldn’t give a bath no more than twice a month max if needed. You can always rinse your Peke without shampoo in between shampoos as well.

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