Trifexis flea control for families with small children

If you are like us and have a small child in the house, you will want to make sure that you keep fleas, (and worms, in particular RINGWORM), under control. Before we had our baby we would use a topical treatment, which not only dealt with fleas, but also with ticks, and while I was pregnant we began de-worming her every three months per recommendation of our vet. – because roundworm, if passed from dog to baby, can be detrimental.

This treatment worked well until our baby began to crawl and wanted to touch the dog. The residue left behind from the monthly topical flea treatment is poison and I did not want our baby touching it. We spoke to our vet and she recommended this new product called Trifexis. Basically, it is a monthly chewable tablet which prevents heartworm, kills fleas and treats/controls intestinal worms, including roundworm. So far our Pekingese has had no adverse reactions from it and I feel confident knowing that the baby wont come in contact with the poison, or contract roundworm!!

The rx must be picked up from your vet and a blood test to check for heartworm is usually done before beginning treatment, as this does not TREAT heartworm, only prevents.

If you have a small child, baby, children or you yourself don’t want to come in contact with the poisoinous residue left behind on your dogs coat after applying a traditional topical flea treatment, I highly recommend Trifexis!